Lauren Stevenson, PsyD., Director
Pasadena, CA

Capstone Psychological Services

Generally speaking, forensic evaluations are the application of clinical skills( i.e, testing, assessment) to a legal setting with the goal of assisting the trier of fact. The clinical psychologists at Capstone Psychological Services have expertise, training, and postdoctoral experience in a wide range of forensic issues and legal questions, both from an assessment and treatment-oriented perspective. Our clinicians provide psychological assessment and evaluations tailored to a variety of legal questions and expert testimony in areas such as:

•        Capacity to waive Miranda rights
•        Competency to Stand Trial
•        Criminal Responsibility
•        Risk Assessment
•        Competence to Waive Council
•        Competency to Plead Guilty
•        Mitigating Circumstances for sentencing consideration
•        Mitigating Circumstances for custody evaluations 

Forensic Assessment Services